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Double Terminated Opalite Necklace **PRE-ORDER**
Light Worker Crystals

Double Terminated Opalite Necklace **PRE-ORDER**


This peaceful opalite helps bring an understanding of your true-self and true spirit.

  • Comes on an 18" gold chain

** This necklace is currently on pre-order. Orders can be placed but shipping will be delayed. Please allow an extra 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Opalite is a very peaceful crystal and strongly attracts light beings. It brings forth an understanding of one’s true-self and true spirit. It helps boost confidence by providing clarity into seeing your true-self. Opalite teaches that we are not held back by the physical self or beliefs, and encourages one to pursue the dreams the may have previously deemed impossible.

    Double terminated crystals radiate and absorb energy at both ends to create balance, integrate spirit and matter. Double terminated crystals can help with healing as they absorb negative energy. They can be especially helpful for the third-eye chakra during meditation.

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